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Highly recommended online used books site

November 30th, 2007 · 1 Comment

I love books. I think I got it from my dad. He’s a voracious reader, he used to buy books, magazines, newspapers and read read read (much to my mom’s displeasure). So naturally I got that gene too, but really, I only read things that I find interesting (well, who doesn’t?).

That said, I find that a well stocked library, or a well-networked library, is the happiest place on earth. Yes, internet with all its contents is fine and dandy, but there’s still something about holding an actual book and flipping pages that are significant to the whole reading experience.

When some books are just too awesome, and I have the buy buy buy hypnotism activated, I find used books serve just as well as the new ones. Some people prefer pristine, unmarked, untouched books, but I really prefer used ones. For starters, they are cheaper, and most are still in good conditions. On top of that, I actually take delight in the musty smell, highlighted or scribbled comments, faded color of the paper, and overall used and worn look that a book has. They’re like bonus to the experience. Scribbled comments, for example, is just like reading snippets of an Amazon’s book review, without going online! =)

Buying used books online also helps the environment, by reducing the number of trees being cut down, and by reducing gas consumption (Biter’s newsletter that I just received said that, and I quote, “even an overnight air shipping uses 40% less fuel than the average car trip to the store”). What a wonderful way of participating in consumerism!

So, while library is king, buying used books online is queen. And I’ve found one that I really love. It’s Such an inspiring web address, right? Well it is, because every time you buy a book from them, you are participating in the literacy fund. It gets even better. Free shipping on every book within the USA, and $2.97/book worldwide. Still it doesn’t stop there. It has CarbonFree shipping, which roughly means that they will offset the effect of CO2 that’s generated by the shipment. Plus, if you still want the new book smell, it offers both new, and used books on most stocks. It makes me feel better already to know that such a company exist.

I’ve used other sites for getting my new used books. Ebay, Amazon,,, and I’m sure can show you others. But if shipping is not free, it’s much better to get it most books from one site so that it’s cost effective. So try on your next book buying spree, and see you like it! =)

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